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Namco recently announced a small package of information regarding two of its upcoming additions to the Tales family -- Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube, and Tales of Phantasia, which is being ported to the Game Boy Advance.

The Japanese release date for Tales of Symphonia has been confirmed as August 29, which is obviously later than the original projection of the month of July. In addition, Namco will be offering a special edition Tales of Symphonia GameCube. The unique console will be mint green with artwork of Lloyd, the main character, on the lid. Namco hopes that by offering the console and the game as a bundle, which will appeal to both collectors and those who do not already own a GameCube, overall sales will be boosted for Tales of Symphonia.

However, Tales fans will not necessarily have to wait until August 29 for their Tales fix. The GBA port of Tales of Phantasia will be available in Japan on August 1. Unfortunately, like the original version of this title, the GBA version is not on track for North America at this time.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Gamers]

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