Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - A Sea of Character Bios

Perhaps adding to the anticipation surrounding Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, bios for the game's main cast have recently surfaced.

Fate Linegod, a 19-year-old, has a reputation for being a very honest, determined young man. His parents are the most renowned and highly respected scholars of Heraldry Genetics in the Galaxy Federation. Following in his parents' footsteps, this Earthling also studies Heraldry Genetics at the Burktine Science Acadamy. While he'd prefer playing sports and games, he is committed to practicing martial arts every day in a "combat simulator." Like most RPG heroes before him, Fate would never abandon someone in need.

Sophia Esteed is also a student at Burktine. Now at the age of 17, she and Fate formed their friendship before they could even talk. Sophia is always reaching out to those in need and, much like the stereotypical "perfect girl," her smile could melt Antarctica.

Nel Zelpher is a secret agent assigned to keep an eye on Fate and his comrades. The source of her orders is unknown, and the 23-year-old is willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the success of her mission. However, her naturally kind heart is sure to make some of her decisions unimaginably difficult.

At age 36, Cliff Fitter is the oldest cast member. Cliff's neck bears green lines--a trait which indicates that his home planet lies in the Claustro System. Natives of Claustro are naturally more athletic than humans, with superior eyesight to boot. While Cliff can sometimes let this go to his head and act like your average "tough guy," he's just a big softie. He certainly doesn't hesitate to indulge in the things he loves, and ultimately hopes to live a simple life.

Souffle Rosetti is a 14-year-old dancer for the Rossetti Troupe. The general consensus of those around her is that she is exceptionally beautiful, and her good looks will only get better as she matures. Souffle is certainly not one to disagree, as she tries to draw even more attention to herself by wearing red bands around her waste and wrists, which compliment her silver hair and golden skin. The young girl comes off as carefree simply because she has immense difficulty expressing her true emotions.

A race called the Menodics, whose members never grow taller than three feet, dwell in a certain mountainous area. That's just where players will meet Roger S. Huxley. Roger certainly couldn't have been a cast member on The Little Rascals, because his grand love of women would've made him an outcast from the start. Even at age 12, his fondness for the ladies is quite visible. He's never shy around any woman, regardless of her age or title. Perhaps this is part of his ongoing efforts to prove to the world that he's a "real man." He and his friends are always taking various "tests of manhood," hoping to outdo a rival group in the village.

This wacky cast will be romping through a fully 3D world in which 400 years have passed since the end of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time should be available in North America later this year.

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