Xenosaga: Episode II Tidbits Revealed

Namco and Monolith have released a few new details about their upcoming continuation of the Xenosaga line. One of the most important is the focus of the story, which will be centered around Jr., who many players of Episode I will remember as a director of the Kukai Foundation. Players will explore the mystery surrounding the background of Jr., as well as his relation to Albedo.

In addition, most of the other supporting characters from Episode I will be making return appearances, and although the story is centered around the past of Jr., Shion Uzuki will be retained as the main character of the next installment. The current script for Xenosaga: Episode II is expected to be quite different themactically from Episode I, however, the overall vision of Tetsuya Takahashi will still be at the helm of the Xenosaga line.

Namco is expected to reveal further details about the next episode of Xenosaga in a press conference on July 21. Currently, no release date has been set for Xenosaga: Episode II.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Quiter]

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