Deus Ex: The Invisible War Details Surface

It's been quite a while since the original Deus Ex was unleashed upon the world. The sequel, Deus Ex: The Invisible War, is finally underway, and we have some interesting details about it. The story of Deus Ex: The Invisible War takes place twenty years after the original, and because of the original's three different endings it will be interesting to see how the story continues from it. The story mainly revolves around various religious and political factions that are trying to control the world and is said to be highly non-linear.

Most of the main gameplay aspects have stayed the same, but there have been a few quite notable changes. The original Deus Ex formula of different "paths" to completing levels, such as stealth or action, has been traded for more open exploration. Developer Ion Storm has taken great care to implement the new formula to allow the player to complete the levels in any way they see fit. The stealth aspects and enemy AI will also be greatly improved. The major RPG aspect, augmentations, has also received an overhaul. The basic idea is that you collect upgrade canisters which improve your stats and abilities. Some of the neat new abilities include the ability to see through walls, jump to extreme heights, and become invisible to radar. Not much has been said about the arsenel, but it has been stated that it will include lethal and non-lethal weaponry, much like the original game.

Ion Storm set out to preserve the feel and gameplay of the original, fix its flaws, and add new features. It looks like their goal may be accomplished this June when Deus Ex: The Invisible War is released for PC. The Xbox release will follow in September.

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by Orie House    

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