Shining Soul II Details Shine Forth

New details have emerged regarding the upcoming Shining Soul sequel. Shining Soul II continues the story of the first game and adds many improvements. Probably the biggest change is that there are twice as many character classes as there was in the first game. The character classes include: Warrior, Archer, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Priest, Wizard, and Dark Wizard. The number of dungeons will be increased to more than ten, and will feature tasks to complete that will tie together to form a story.

Ten times as many items as were in the original have been added, in addition to a new magic system called "Soul Magic." It consists of battling certain kinds of enemies to get Soul Crystals, which will allow a Wizard to summon monsters in battle. There are also situations where multiple characters can join their powers to initiate an especially nasty attack, similar to Chrono Trigger's double or triple techs. Each character will be able to equip three weapons and three items at a time and become proficient in certain weapons. If a character has become proficient with a weapon a special charge attack can be implemented. It will also feature multiplayer capability for up to four people playing cooperatively or competitively.

North America did not receive the first Shining Soul, and no word has been said about Shining Soul II getting a release either. RPGamer will keep you updated on any further information about Shining Soul II.

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by Orie House    
Source: [Gamers]

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