Symphonia Looks West

To the surprise of many, Namco announced that nestled alongside its current E3 line-up, a domesticated version of Tales of Symphonia is in the works. As the newest offering in a great, but generally underappreciated (at least in the U.S.), RPG series, Tales of Symphonia's localization is sure to please series fans, and give newcomers an opportunity to experience a Tales game for the first time.

Tales of Symphonia marks Tales first foray into 3D and follows Tales of Phantasia, and Tales of Destiny 1 & 2, of which only the latter pair has ever seen a limited American release. The new game is said to feature a remarkable 3D version of Tales's unique battle system, in addition to the usual claims of engrossing story and lovable characters.

Tales of Symphonia does not have a definite North American release date as of yet, but fans of the series are happy enough just knowing that the game is on its way.

E3 can work some wonderful magic sometimes.

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by Matt Chan    
Source: [Gamers]

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