Square Enix Ponders Sequels

After the development of Final Fantasy X-2, many gamers began to wonder what other sequels might be in the works. In the most recent issue of the Japanese magazine Dorigma, the famed Square Enix character designer, Tetsuya Nomura, shed some light on the issue. More specifically, he discussed the possibility of sequels to Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts.

With regards to Kingdom Hearts, no deal for a sequel has been struck by Square Enix and Disney yet, according to Nomura. He hopes that a deal will come together soon and believes that chances are good for one. He went on to say that although no official deal has been made, talks of a sequel were already underway while the original was still in development. Square Enix has yet to announce anything officially regarding a Kingdom Hearts sequel.

On Final Fantasy VII, Nomura stated that the chances of a sequel were unrealistic. Since Final Fantasy X-2 was built mostly off the engine of its predecessor, it was fairly easy to quickly produce a sequel. However, the much older engine of Final Fantasy VII would be unusable, and the game would have to be built mostly from scratch. This would require the development time and resources of a brand new Final Fantasy.

Nomura has been designing for games since 1991. He has been credited as a designer for four games in the Final Fantasy series as well as Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts, among others.

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by Aren Jidarian    
Source: [Gamespot]

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