Square Announces Hanjuku Hero Promotional Event

Citizens of Tokyo and Osaka will have something to celebrate come May 17 and 18. Today Square Enix announced plans for a special promotional event celebrating the release of its latest game Hanjuku Hero Vs. 3d. Square Enix has dubbed the event "Hanjuku Angya" (Soft-Boiled Pilgrimage).

The event will include notable Square Enix figures such as Hanjuku producer Takashi Tokita and ever popular composer Nobuo Uematsu. "Soft-Boiled Pilgrimage" will take place in Tokyo on May 17 and in Osaka the next day. Tokita and Uematsu will be touring game retailers and there are sure to be a few surprises. Fans of the Hanjuku Hero series and RPGs in general will no doubt get a kick out of this fun event.

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by Aren Jidarian    
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