Earth and Beyond Plans Unveiled

Westwood Studios revealed today that development plans for Earth and Beyond have been completed for the rest of this year. Following the game's initial success, the entire development team was moved to the Redwood Shores campus, where they now have full access to EA's resources. The team's budget has also been greatly increased, which will help them expand on their new ideas.

The planning took place in a series of brainstorming sessions amongst the development team. Craig Alexander, the executive producer of Earth and Beyond explained the process:

"Brainstorming meetings are maybe the most fun you can have in the game business. There are no limitations. In the concept stage, you don't have to worry about technical difficulties or research or budgets. These meetings are purely about ideas and how to take players to where they've never been before. It's invigorating. A great side effect of these meetings is that the creativity and enthusiasm generated inspires the team to do even better things with the plans we're executing this year."

The game's story is still unfurling and will most likely benefit from the new ideas and resources being poured into it. With the subscriber base rising and the full support of EA, Earth and Beyond looks like it's going to have a good year.

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by Orie House    

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