Tales of Symphonia Information Rolls In

In a recent issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, a perennial source of video game information, Namco outlined the story, characters, and gameplay aspects of its upcoming GameCube title Tales of Symphonia.

The story of Tales of Symphonia is independent from the other installments of the extensive Tales series. The game is set in a country called Silvaland, which shares a paradoxical relationship with nearby Teseila in which prosperity for one means suffering for the other. The story begins with Silvaland descending into ruin with its only hope being a teenage girl named Colette Brunel. As a descendant of the Mana Tribe, Colette has the power to restore Silvaland. This blue-eyed blonde is accompanied by her friend, a teen boy named Lloyd Arving, who was orphaned at a young age and raised by dwarves. Later, they will be joined by a white-haired twelve-year-old mage with the odd moniker of Genius Sage.

Tales of Symphonia will be the first of the series to be in full 3D; even the traditional Linear Motion battle system will not be spared from this graphical change. The ramifications of 3D on the battle system have not been explained or revealed.

Tales of Symphonia will be released in Japan this July, but there has been no word of a North American release.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Gamers]

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