Final Fantasy X Heading to Korea

Korean gamers will get the chance to experience Final Fantasy X for the first time today when the game is released there. This marks the fourth major market the title has been released in over the past year or so; Square's series is truly a juggernaut, as sales figures for the latest entry will attest. The company recently announced that combined sales of both versions of the game (Final Fantasy X and FFX International) have now topped five million units worldwide. Japan marks the largest market for the game by well over a million copies; 2,480,000 units have shipped there, as well as 260,000 of FFX International. North America is a distant second in sales totals, with 1,470,000 games sold, and Europe ranks third with 840,000 units (it should be noted, however, that the game has only been available there for 11 days). Finally, Asian Pacific markets account for 20,000 units of FFX International sold.

With numbers like these backing the game up, its potential success in Korea seems like a sure thing. No Korean pricing information for FFX was mentioend; the game sold for slightly higher than the standard price for a PlayStation 2 title in other markets, so expect the amount to be roughly commensurate.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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