Square to Develop Sequels to FFX

Today Square confirmed rumors that it is developing semi-sequels, or sidestories to its hit PS2 game, Final Fantasy X. Square plans to develop two such titles, tenatively titled "Yuna" and "Rikku". The games will utilize the FFX engine, and reportedly concern adventures transpiring after the events of Final Fantasy X. While most of the original FFX team will have moved on to other projects, director Yoshinori Kitase will remain to oversee the development of the new games.

Square plans to release both titles in Japan by the end of the fiscal year, but no mention was made of an international release at this time. This announcement marks a new chapter in the Final Fantasy series, as no previous FF game has been given a sequel of any sort, let alone two. RPGamer will continue to keep you posted as more developments on this story become available.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [Mainichi Interactive]
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