Working Designs to Localize Growlanser II and III After All

After definitively stating they would not be localizing Growlanser II following reports that this would indeed be the case, Working Designs has pulled another abrupt 180-degree turn. The company's E3 booth reveals that they will, in fact, be localizing the title, by virtue of the fact it is on display there. As an added bonus, the company will also be bringing the game's big brother, Growlanser III Stateside.

The Growlanser series charts the story of a strife-torn world. The second entry follows the course of an uneasy time between three neighbouring countries, while the third game is centered around an amnesiac hero who must save the world from certain apocalypse. Working Designs has yet to reveal any release information for the titles; expect RPGamer to bring you news of any developments of this sort as they arise.

by Andrew Long    
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