Times of Trouble A Sign of Continuing European RPG Invasion

4X Studios out of France is just the latest European outfit to announce it has an RPG in the works. Alongside JoWood's Gothic II, 4X's Times of Trouble will feature a delicate balance of RPG and action elements as it strives to break into the bourgeoning RPG market.

Players will follow the adventures of a young boy named Zak. As a child, Zak must deal with harsh political realities, as rival political groups with a penchant for violence seek to deal with the economic misfortune that plagues the fictional world of ToT, which is as yet unnamed. The game's battle system will be in real-time, and adhere to the modern standard of the three-character party. Other details on the game are scarce, but with one of the biggest times of the year approaching for game developers, more information may surface before too long.

4X has not announced any plans to release ToT in North America, although the possibility is good the game will make it across the Atlantic, given its scheduled wide release. Times of Trouble will appear on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and the Xbox.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Xengamers]
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