Final Fantasy X PAL Release Update; New FF Merchandise
Final Fantasy X

European gamers will finally get their chance to save Spira from the malignant forces of Sin, when Square releases Final Fantasy X throughout the continent on May 24, 2002. The game has shipped over 4 million copies in Japan and North America since its July 2001 release in Japan. PAL players will receive the upgraded International version, which includes enhanced gameplay, bonus packaging, and a new playable scenario called FF X Another Story: The Forever Nagi Festival--an epilogue of sorts that takes place two years after the original's ending.

In other news, Final Fantasy-related merchandise continues to expand, as DigiCube recently updated its shop site with a few sporty-yet-functional baubles. One is a Final Fantasy XI strap, featuring an engraved "Final Fantasy XI" plate, which retails for 1,200 yen ($9.40 U.S.). The other is an official FF X Zippo lighter, which features a raised logo of everyone's favorite blitzball team of yore, the Zanarkand Abes. The design also entails a few engraved words, reading "Jecht, once a talented Blitz-Ball player, became a legendary 'guard' along with Braska later on." Every lighter is inscribed with its own serial number and will be sold only to customers over the age of 20. This item retails for the insanely hefty price of 11,000 yen ($86.22 U.S.).

by Michael Henninger    
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