Monster Traveler Information

Nintendo's Game Boy Color has shown surprising resilience in the face of superior hardware, with games still being produced for the system despite the release of the Game Boy Advance nearly a year ago. Monster Traveler is one of these games, allowing players to train monsters and unlock the secrets of the world of Selasda. The game will include many elements seen in other monster collecting games, including the use of various categories of monsters. Human, robot, and animal types exist, each with various strengths, weaknesses, and favored statistics.

Great attention has been paid to the battle animations, with over thirty animation patterns per character. Battles will differ from those seen in other monster collecting games in that they will deal with three on three teams. This allows for characters to rely on each other to support weakened characters and unleash more powerful attacks, adding more strategy to the battles. The game itself shipped simultaneously in Japan with a card game of the same name based on the game. The game was released in Japan on March 8th, with a North American release unlikely due to the gradual phasing out of the Game Boy Color system.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Game Watch]
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