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Shining Lore

Korean developer Phantagram is touting Shining Lore, its new MMORPG, as a light-hearted, highly interactive role-playing experience in an open-ended world. Although there is an extensive backstory and full-scale quests to follow, players can lead out their virtual lives while enjoying a number of special features.

Players can create a unique 3D model for their character based on a number of customizeable parts, such as gender, hair, face, shirt, pants, gloves and shoes. Real-time, action-oriented battles are featured, though Phantagram stresses that a battle-intensive lifestyle is not mandatory. Character building is also facilitated by various minigames. There are arcades where online games can be played with friends, and each of the five character classes (fighter, engineer, alchemist, designer and cook) have special job games that utilize their respective skills.

Shining Lore's world is divided into five continents, each with its own distinctive cultures, climates and major cities. The high-key, anime-inspired art direction is intended to strike a contrast with darker, medieval MMORPGs like EverQuest. Environments are described as being hyper-interactive, as most objects can be picked up or manipulated in some manner.

The cornerstone of Shining Lore is its action chatting system, which allows players to talk online with text and emotive facial expressions. There are also chatting cafes where characters can sit at tables and converse with other groups; characters can even turn their heads to face the person being addressed.

Shining Lore is set for a June 2002 release on the PC. Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions are also being planned. Players who want to know more about the game are advised to visit its official Web site, which offers both Korean and English versions.

by Michael Henninger    
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