Final Fantasy VII for PC now shipping

   Final Fantasy VII was officially released today for the PC platform, long in the works by Eidos as a port to the computer. The game sports improved graphics (particularily with a Direct3D-compatible card), and various translation / script fixes.

   We received many reports of the game appearing on shore shelves prior to the official release, even as far back as June 22nd. In order to meet the high demand for the game, many stores received advanced copies prior to the release date, and started selling these early.

   So, should you plan to purchase this game? RPGamer's recommendation is that you might want to save your money if your system is not equipped with a decent 3D card and MIDI soundset (since the game's music is in MIDI format and relies on your computer's sound card). However, if you don't own a Playstation, or want to check out just how attractive your computer can render the game, FF7 for the PC is definitely something to look into.

   The minimum system requirements for the game are:

  • Windows 95 compatible system
  • Direct X 5.0 (included)
  • Pentium 133 (3D accelerator card required)
  • Pentium 166 (w/out 3D accelerator card)
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM
  • DirectX 5.0 compatible sound and video card (AWE64 or XG-MIDI compatible sound recommended)

   Further questions about the game should be directed to a video games retailer near you, or Eidos Interactive.

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