FF8 demo to be bundled with Brave Fencer; BF release set

As if the promise of a quality action-RPG wasn't enough, Square has added extra incentive for Japanese players to buy a copy of Brave Fencer Musashiden: it will have a playable demo of Final Fantasy VIII.

Much like Tobal No. 1's sales were boosted by the Final Fantasy VII demo included with it, Brave Fencer will no doubt see good sales. More importantly than sales figures, however, will come players' first chance to feel the next generation in RPGing.

In an announcement that was basically overshadowed by FF8, Brave Fencer's Japanese release date has been set for July 16th, which is earlier than originally planned.

No official announcement was made for Brave Fencer's U.S. release or whether the demo would be included with Brave Fencer in the U.S., but since Brave Fencer is scheduled for a U.S. release, the demo will probably also be included here.

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