Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashiden, Bushide Blade 2, and Parasitive Eve confirmed for the U.S.

RPG and Square fans alike, rejoice. A 1998 that was filled with question marks after SaGa Frontier's release has developed into what promises to be a blockbuster year.

Thanks to Square Electronic Arts, coming in 1998 to a Playstation near you: Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Brace Fencer Musashiden, and Bushido Blade 2.

Xenogears and Parasite Eve will likely be the first RPGs to come from the new company. Xenogears, the long awaited yet controversial Japanese hit will be coming to American's hands at long last, after a lengthy period in which no one knew exactly what was going to happen.

The recently released Parasite Eve, Square's first venture into the horror RPG genre, has also sold remarkably well. The game, developed in Square's Los Angeles branch, has long been assumed to be coming to the U.S., but no official word had come until now.

Brave Fencer Musashiden, Square's latest title, is yet unreleased in Japan. It is an action RPG along the lines of Zelda.

No specific release dates have been given for any of the titles.

Source: 4.27.98 press release

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