Square, EA form joint venture

In a development that's quickly sending shockwaves throughout the video game industry, two gaming giants, Square and Electronic Arts, have formed a joint venture, giving American gamers more Square games and Japanese gamers more Electronic Arts games.

Square Electronic Arts will be based in Costa Mesa California. According to Chris Carleton of Electronic Arts, Square Electrnonic Arts will be in charge of all localization of Square games to America. Square EA will hold exclusive publishing rights to all titles made by Square.

Electronic Arts Square will be formed in Japan, and it will release Electronic Arts games to the Japanese market.

The joining of the companies creates a massive publishing team that will bring both American and Japanese gamers new games. The U.S. market will see an increase in released Square games. Gone are the days of U.S. gamers missing out on Square masterpieces.

The new company does not hold rights to past Square games, and will not affect Final Fantasy VII's imminent release on the PC through Eidos. It does hold the rights to upcoming games, however.

The other Square development branches, Square USA and Square Honolulu, will remain in operation and are unaffected by the announcement.

RPGamer will continue to cover this breaking event as more details are unveiled.

Sources: 4.27.98 press release
    Chris Carleton, Electronic Arts Public Relations

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