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More Details, Character Trailers for Blue Reflection


Blue Reflection

Gust released another set of details and screenshots for its upcoming RPG, Blue Reflection. The details focus on those characters who do not directly fight, but offer support in combat. The developer also recently released another batch of character trailers, which can be found below.

The friends main protagonist Hinako makes at school will offer their support in combat, reporting on how the battle is going and providing advice as well as directly providing recovery and stat boosts. Each of the three Reflectors is able to set four support allies prior to battle, perhaps to cover weaknesses such as putting recovery support on a Reflector whose own skills focus primarily on attack.

Though Blue Reflection's combat is turn-based, it includes some real-time commands. Four types of these active commands were detailed: Supporter Protection recovers the HP and MP of support allies, who withdraw from battle if their HP hits zero; Recovery recovers the HP and MP of the Reflectors; Guard reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks; and Timeline Control pushes allies towards the front of the turn queue while pushing enemies back. Active commands consume Ether while they are being used, with Reflectors able to build up Ether using the option on their turn.

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Strengthening Hinako's bonds with her fellow students will help her in battle. The better a student's relationship is with Hinako, the more frequently their support will come. This can be increased by chatting to classmates after school, which will sometimes provide special conversations where players can choose Hinako's reponses, with different responses having different effects. After talking after school, Hinako will be occasionally be invited to go out somewhere and players can see a special event at that place.

Blue Reflection is currently set for release in Japan on March 30, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game has not been announced for a western release.

Sarasa Morikawa Character Trailer

Sanae Nishida Character Trailer

Yuri Saiki Character Trailer

Mao Ninagawa Character Trailer

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