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Plenty More Blue Reflection Details Provided


Blue Reflection

Gust has put out some more updates for Blue Reflection, providing plenty more details and media for the game. In addition to a series of character trailers, viewable below, the developer revealed more information about its growth system as well as introducing more of Hinako's classmates.

Growth points are earned by completing various missions in the game, usually providing by requests and problems given by the students at Hinako's school. These points can be used to increase attributes and unlock new skills. There are four main attributes — attack, defence, support, and technical — with the character levelling up whenever a growth point is spent. Skills are unlocked once a certain number of growth points are spent on specific attributes, for example, the Shadow Gain skill requires five attack points. Players can also improve their characters by equipping Fragments, the physical manifestation of human emotions, onto skills. Fragments can have various effects on a skill, such as adding HP recovery or a defence boost, with the Fragments also able to be upgraded.

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Certain missions will also provide evaluation points separate from the other rewards, after receiving a certain amount of evaluation points, the story advances and enemies become tougher. There are three types of missions, providing different amounts of evaluation points: essential missions are directly related to the main story, important missions are related to the relationships between the students, and common exploration missions focus on exploring the other world.

Blue Reflection takes place in the middle of summer, and Gust has not passed up the opportunity to feature scenes with special outfits. One such event detailed sees Hinako challenged to a sporting contest, with the sport chosen being swimming as it places less pressure on Hinako's injured foot. Other events are more focused on particular students' troubles, such as when Hinako spots Rin feeling down and learns about her romantic problems.

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In other character focused updates, Gust released trailers for Hinako Shirai, Yuzuki and Raimu Shijou, Shihori Sugamoto, and Chihiro Inoue. The developer also providing text introductions and artwork for Fumio Taya, Kaori Mitsui, and Rika Yoshimura. Fumio specialises in music and has perfect pitch. She has been raised by her strict grandmother and frequently says what's on her mind regardless of the possible consequences. Kaori is such more laid-back, not really specialising in anything and spending much of her time playing on her phone. She likes to wear flashy clothes and gives off a slightly delinquent impression because of it, but always attends class on time. Rika is a member of the track and really enjoys it despite not being the fastest. She seems very self-conscious whenever being "normal" is mentioned.

Blue Reflection is currently set for release in Japan on March 30, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game has not been announced for a western release.

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