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Blue Reflection Gets First Gameplay Trailer


Blue Reflection

Gust recently provided more story and combat details for Blue Reflection, as well as new media including the game's first gameplay trailer. The video, viewable below along with new screenshots and artwork, primarily focuses on the game's turn-based combat system.

Blue Reflection's story focuses on fifteen students at Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School. This includes main protagonist Hinako, and the game picks up on her first day of school after her foot injury. Hinako runs across a familiar face in Sanae Nishida, who attended her middle school, but Hinako notices a mysterious aura around Sanae and is transported to another world, ending up face to face with a monster. She then hears two mysterious voices telling her she can fight, transforms into a Reflector, defeats the monster, and returns to the real world. She then meets Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou, whose voices she heard, who explain to her what a Reflector is.

Combat in Blue Reflection makes heavy use of energy called Ether. Players can build up their Ether by selecting the Ether Charge command on their turn, which increases the percentage in the bottom left of the screen. This energy can then be used to various actions such as Healing or Guarding. These actions make use of real-time gauges, as the longer the button is held down for, the more Ether it uses and the more effective it becomes. By meeting certain conditions, the Guard action can become a Reflect action, bounces enemy attacks back at them for significant amounts of damage.

Blue Reflection is currently set for release in Japan on March 30, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game has not been announced for a western release.

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