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Compile Heart Provides New Black Rose Valkyrie Screens


Compile Heart's official site for Black Rose Valkyrie has been updated with new screenshots and info outlining the game's battle system. The updates also outline the weapons used by the party and an out of combat interview system.

The T-C-S weapon system, code-named Valkyrie, is used to combat people infected with Chimeraism. It requires a medical agent to be used in conjunction with it to enable the user to be able to wield its immense size. Use of a T-C-S or its enhancing agent by an unauthorized user can result in injury or even death.

There is an interview system is in place outside of battle due to the strain placed on Valkyrie users by the weapon system. All users are interviewed at regular intervals to ensure they are not falling victim to Chimeraism, as a side effect of the weapon is a split personality that closely resembles it.

Battles in Black Rose Valkyrie are done using the Tactical Fluid Battle System. It is a command-based system that uses commands such as Combos, Charge, and Arts that are executed in real time.

Black Rose Valkyrie is coming to PlayStation 4 on June 30, 2016, in Japan. There is not yet any information regarding a western release.


Click here to view more screenshots.

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