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Atlus Unveils New Etrian Odyssey V Media


Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus has released a number of screenshots and artwork for its upcoming dungeon crawler, Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth. The media introduces the story, races, jobs, and some of the gameplay systems that have been a mainstay to the series such as Field on Enemies (F.O.E.s).

The game starts in the town of Aeolis at the foot of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Legend states that whomever can climb the tree and reach the top will have their dreams come true. Each of the four races of the game's world of Arcadia has different legends regarding Yggdrasil, but no one can confirm them. To this end, a decree goes out in Aeolis for adventurers to gather parties to climb the tree and find their way to the summit, for whatever purposes they feel fit.

Each of the ten classes that are available in the game are divided up amongst the four races that populate Arcadia. The human race of Earthrun have four classes to choose from, the elven race of Lunaria can choose from two classes that excel in magic, the bunny-like Therian have two classes focused on nature and pharmaceutics, and the dimiunitive Bronie draws upon the blood of beasts to use two classes focused on power and agility. Related to the races is the new system of race skills," which in addition to character skills based on the class, gives more depth to combat.

Click here for more screenshots and art.

Classes in Etrian Odyssey V run the gamut of various RPG roles, from the tanking Dragoon to the healing Herbalist, along with damage-dealing classes like the Warlock and Necromancer. Character creation is highlighted by Atlus' media release, notably the high level of customisation of hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, and a selection of fourty character voices. Players will find most of the game's systems to be very familiar, such as drawing their own maps (or utilising the game's auto-mapping feature), various modes of gathering, and dealing with deadly enemies called F.O.E.s. 

Etrian Odyssey V is slated to release for 3DS in Japan on August 4. There has not been any announcement regarding a western release.

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