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Ys VIII Hits Japan in July



Falcom announced that the latest mainline Ys title, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, will be released in Japan for PlayStation Vita on July 28, 2016. The game is also planned for a release on PlayStation 4, however, this version has been delayed to 2017.

The developer also revealed two more playable characters in the game: Hummel and Ricotta. Hummel is twenty-four years old and works as a courier on the Isle of the Seiren. He takes pride in his work, and uses a bayonet in combat. Meanwhile, Ricotta is twelve years old and living on Seiren before Adol and his ship washed up on the island. She uses a whipmace fashioned from the island's plants and is waiting for her father, who went off to the explore the island.

Adol and his companions are able to make use of various tools while exploring the island, which are unlocked after meeting certain requirements. Three examples have been shown so far: the Grip Glove lets players climb across ivy-covered areas that are otherwise inaccessible, the Gale Wings increase dashing speed and let players do a ramming attack when dashing at enemies, and the Luminescence Stone provides a soft light that is vital for exploring dark areas and caves.

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