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ClaDun Sengoku Gets Further Details, Media


ClaDun Sengoku

Nippon Ichi Software released more details and screenshots for its upcoming release in Japan of ClaDun Sengoku. This latest title in the ClaDun ("Classic Dungeon") series is due out in Japan for PlayStation Vita on May 26, 2016. The developer and publisher also unveiled the game's second trailer, which is five-minutes long and can be viewed below along with the screenshots.

As previously detailed, players awake in the world of Arcanus Cella, where characters who have passed on from the Sengoku period of Japan are held until their regrets are dealt with. Yukimura is the first character players meet, who explains the role of Arcanus Cella and asks players to help release the souls of those present in the world. Three of those the player must help are Chacha, the wife of a military commander who has a regret related to romance; Ranmaru, a military commander that lost his master in a certain event; and Masamune, who has a regret related to the "One-Eyed Dragon."

Some of the facilities at the player's disposal in Arcanus Cella have been detailed. The Everything Shop unsurprisingly offer players the chance to buy gear, as well as artefacts and stone walls that help character progression. The temple houses owls that speak wisdom from various people and assist with character creation, painting, and more. A new addition to the series is the suggestion box, where Arcanus Cella's inhabitants can request things of the player in return for money, fame, and items. Another new facility is the blacksmith, which can enhance equipment by reforging it. Players can also partake in castle construction, where building more of the stone walls bought from the shop enhances the player character's abilities.

The player character can also be upgraded by using the game's Magic Circle system. The Magic Circle works by assigning Vassals into various slots surrounding the player character, which act as shields. Vassals can be assigned different artefacts, which can have effects like raising HP or increasing stats more at level-up. Artefact power can be further enhanced using special Awakening slots and using special artefacts that have the Attendant title.

Click here to view more screenshots.

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