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World of Final Fantasy Details Mirages


World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has updated the Japanese site for the upcoming World of Final Fantasy. Some details include more returning classic characters and more information on the game's Mirages.

Both Squall and Quistis, hailing from Final Fantasy VIII, will be in World of Final Fantasy. Squall spends most of his time training with Cloud and Lightning while Quistis serves as management. A new character named Chocolatte acts as an item shop that changes locations.

In battles, players will take control of Mirages, creatures found around the world that decide what skills and abilities will be available. Players will be able to befriend these creatures in random battles by meeting specific conditions, such as using an appropriate item. Once recruited, Mirages can be freely named. Mirages will have skill trees, called the Mirage Board, where new abilities can be purchased by spending skill points, which are gained when levelling up. The Mirage Board will also have a point that unlocks the ability for the Mirage to transform into a more powerful form. Most skills, excluding exclusive ones, can be carried over and de-transformation will be possible.

World of Final Fantasy is a spin-off title where a pair of siblings are transported to a world filled with Final Fantasy characters. The game releases in for PlayStaion 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2016.

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