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Kickstarter Check-In: Mediocre Monster



Mediocre Monster is a planned title from developer Opal Squad that put players in the role of an RPG monster rather than heroes. Gob earns his living working for random monster outsourcing company The Bestiary, working up the ranks from Tutorial Forest to offer adventurers more challenging, but still very much beatable, opposition.

Gob's home village is The Grind, which had a booming random monster industry but has fallen on hard times as its workers move to enjoy opportunities in the Mobile and FPS areas. Things are not helped as its mayor, Chief Pocajello, became addicted to free-to-play games and used village funds to buy virtual gems. Gob and The Bestiary need to help provide the industry with a resurgence to save the village from becoming a casual city-building simulator.

As players are now on the side of the random monsters, the goal in combat is to lose, but lose convincingly so that the heroes can grow in power. Random monsters are required to act as would be expected of them in combat, so when a hero uses a taunt action, the monster's next action should be to attack that particular hero. As Gob rises up the ranks at The Bestiary and faces heroes with more power and skills, more complex rules are introduced.

Gob is paid a weekly salary, with reductions applied for mistakes in not following combat rules. He can then use the money to train, get new gear, upgrade his house, and make improvements and add new buildings to the village. He can also join forces with other monsters to form a work team.

Mediocre Monster is being developed for PC and initially planned for release in April 2017 should its Kickstarter campaign be successful. Opal Squad is looking for $50,000 is funding by March 24, 2016. Those who pledge at least $15 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards.



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