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Nippon Ichi Reveals ClaDun Details, Media


ClaDun Sengoku

Nippon Ichi Software released the first details and media for the newest entry in its ClaDun series, ClaDun Sengoku. The game takes place in the world of Arcanus Cella, which is home to spirits of those who had regrets when they passed on. Only those who fulfill their regrets can return to the regular cycle of life-and-death. Players are tasked with helping Sengoku-era commanders fulfill their regrets by finding clues within various dungeons.

Arcanus Cella hosts various facilities used by the player to prepare for dungeons, such as the merchant and castle. Players can also create their own character, including designing the sprites used in the game. Exploration and combat in dungeons is real-time, with dungeons playing host to various enemies, bosses, traps, and treasure chests.

There are eight types of weapons available — sword, blunt weapon, staff, spear, bow and arrow, short sword, shuriken, and sickle and chain — as well as seven starting classes — warrior, swordsman, necromancer, aristocrat, merchant, sorcerer, and priest. The weapons types have individual ranges, speeds, and actions, while classes offer different skills, stats, and development directions. The game also features a Magic Circle defensive system, where players can assign vassals to the general player character that can act as a shield and protect him from damage.

ClaDun Sengoku is being developed for PlayStation Vita and is planned for release in Japan on May 26, 2016. There has been no announcement at this time regarding a western release.

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