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Black Rose Valkyrie Gets First Story Details


Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart recently announced their development of a new PS4-exclusive RPG, Black Rose Valkyrie. Set in an alternate reality, the world of Black Rose Valkyrie has been overrun by an unknown virus dubbed the Chimera Virus, which imbues human and animals exposed to it with extreme intelligence and strength. It also slowly works its way into the subject's mind and flesh, initializing a gene reconstruction that turns the host into the inhuman beasts known as Chimeras. First discovered in the 1920s, the virus originally came to Earth with a meteorite that crashed here during the early nineteenth century, nicknamed "Black Garnet".

In response to the Chimera Virus, Japan has instituted a state of national isolation to minimize its spread within its borders. To deal with the threat of those already exposed to the virus, the secret military agency ACID (Anti Chimera Intercept Division) was formed. This organization, in turn, created the elite "Special Force Valkyrie", a group consisting of its most qualified soldiers who are the few able to handle the specialized anti-Chimera weapons, "T-C-S".

A character trailer introducing the game's main cast members has already been published, along with a few environment screenshots. Compile Heart's official game website will also be updated with additional information in the time up to the game's Japanese release sometime in 2016.



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