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Maverick Games Announces Stellar Tactics


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Independent developer Maverick Games announced that hopes to release Stellar Tactics, a Sci-Fi RPG combining turn-based combat and space exploration, soon for PC and Mac. The game puts players in the role of an elite warrior on a ship that is one of those transporting the remnants of their people in stasis. Players are tasked with leading their team to investigate an occurance on the ship, which leads to the main open-ended game.

Stellar Tactics features a procedurally-generated galaxy that is said to work in tune with the game's lore and branching story. Players can visit planets containing hidden bases, ancient ruins, and caves to explore and find loot from. Players can also set up trading routes between systems, choose and upgrade from various ships, craft gear, fight and board enemy ships, and upgrade their team with a class-less progression system featuring over three-hundred skills. A planned release period for the game has not yet been revealed.

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