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XCOM 2 Releases Simultaneously for PC, Mac, and Linux



Mac and Linux users got a surprise today when the thought-to-be PC-exclusive XCOM 2 released on all three operating systems in tandem. XCOM 2 puts players back into the shoes of the Commander of the elite XCOM project, overseeing recruitment of soldiers, base operations, mission selection, and, of course, battlefield tactics.

Set twenty years after the franchise reboot, XCOM 2 takes place on an Earth taken over by the alien-led ADVENT coalition, an armed force that polices the cowed populace. Forced to operate in hiding and strike from the shadows, it's up to the newly revived paramilitary operation XCOM to fight the oppressors in turn-based battles and restore liberty to an enslaved world.

Among its new and improved features over its predecessor, XCOM 2 includes procedurally-generated mission maps, the new Psionic soldier class with unique abilities, and brand-new alien foes to wage war against. In addition to the base game, players may purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the game, a Reinforcement Pack consisting of three content packs to release between spring and summer 2016 (Anarchy's Children, Alien Hunters, and Shen's Last Gift), and the digital soundtrack.

XCOM 2 is available through Steam, the Feral Store, and other online stores for $59.99/£34.99/€49.99, though it will be priced slightly less on the Mac App Store. The Digital Deluxe Edition, priced at $74.99/£47.99/€64.99, is available via Steam only. The Reinforcement Pack will be available to purchase separately as well. Feral Interactive has launched a minisite for the game, and released the launch trailer below.

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