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Rogue Wizards Receives Development Updates


Rogue Wizards

Indie developer Spellbind Studios has been hard at work on its inaugural game Rogue Wizards since its successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. On the heels of a closed alpha testing cycle, the developers have released a veritable laundry list of changes and improvements made to the game. Backers and potential future players will be interested to know how the game is coming along. Chief on the list of improvements are a nuts-and-bolts version of the final story already implemented within the game, improved item tooltips for loot comparisons, and further graphical enhancements to the look of NPCs and in-game companions.

Rogue Wizards is a fantasy-themed roguelike, where players' wizards will explore randomly-generated dungeons, battle Guild Wizard bosses, collect powerful loot, and build up their hometown. For a full rundown of all changes big and small, and some new screenshots to go along with them - head over to the developer's game pageRogue Wizards will release for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac in March 2016, if the developers remain on schedule.

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