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NIS America Announcement Spectacular


NIS America

Last night, NIS America held their annual press event in San Francisco to highlight the company's 2014 lineup. Of the RPGs listed, it was already known about March's release of The Witch and the Hundred Knight and the upcoming Mugen Souls Z, but another three new ones were announced (along with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) for North America and Europe in 2014.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, the PlayStation Vita re-release of the 2011 PS3 game was confirmed for North America and Europe. This version includes all the DLC offered on the PS3 along with new characters, spells, and a new scenario. A Promise Revisited will be available digitally and at retail this August in North America.

Fairy Fencer F is another of the 2014 releases, also set to be available digitally and at retail in North America and Europe. This Compile Heart-developed title is a traditional console RPG for PlayStation 3 and is most well known for its concept art by Yoshitaka Amano and music from Nobuo Uematsu.

Battle Princess of Arcadias is a side-scrolling action RPG for PlayStation 3 developed by Nippon Ichi. This one will be available exclusively on PSN when it releases in both regions later this year. Battle Princess Plume is the star of this show, but there will be plenty of items for her to upgrade and more characters to team up with throughout the game.

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