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Gearbox Details April Borderlands 2 Update


Borderlands 2

Gearbox has announced what changes are in store for Borderlands 2 players on April 2. There will be both free and paid content available, and for owners of the Season Pass, everything available will be free.

The free content adds new upgrades to the Black Market, increases the maximum eridium from 99 to 500, adds the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and also fixes various unmentioned bugs. The upgrades include two backpack storage upgrades at 50 and 100 eridium, two bank storage upgrades at 50 and 100 eridium, and a single 50 eridium upgrade for each ammo type. The Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode will be a third playthrough, and will require players to have hit at least level 50.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack will be available the same day and will cost players $4.99, 400 MS Points, or will be completely free if they already own the Season Pass. This will raise the level cap to 61, adding 11 new skill points. There will also be powerful "ancient" e-tech weapons, as well as the return of pearlescent weapons.

The company has many plans for Borderlands 2 still, including the addition of a new vault hunter, Krieg, in May. Finally, the fourth major story DLC will be released at some point in June, and is confirmed to be included in the Season Pass.

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Borderlands 2
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