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Natsume Brings Over Mystic Chronicles



Even though the PSP is slowly fading away in most of the world, Sony's aging handheld still has some life left in it. Natsume has announced that it will be bringing a lesser-known RPG named Mystic Chronicles to North America this summer. There is a lot left unknown, however, as Natsume has yet to announce whether this will be a physical or downloadable release.

Mystic Chronicles is a retro-styled RPG featuring sprite graphics and a turn-based battle system in the same vein as the older Dragon Quest games. In battle, the player can assign a Guardian Beast to each character, and this creature will be controlled by AI to support their partners. The story of the game focuses on its main hero, a boy named Lux, who seems to be following the traditional heroic path of rising from being a mysterious youth who was adopted in a small village to becoming a hero who can save the world.

More screenshots can be found in our gallery.

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Mystic Chronicles
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