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AFD - Square Enix Announces First DSiWare Title


Square Enix

Square Enix put out a press release today detailing yet another Crystal Chronicles title that will be releasing globally this summer as a downloadable DSiWare application. The game's full title is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Spectrum of the Dimensions.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Spectrum of the Dimensions will take advantage of the DSi's two cameras, allowing the player to use a photo of his/her face to be melded onto a 3D avatar that is used as the game's main character. The DSi's outward facing camera will be used to take real-world pictures which are then used as the game's backgrounds in certain areas. Depending on the variations in the background photos taken, such as color and lighting, different enemies will be encountered, similar to how games like Monster Rancher will generate different monsters based on different discs placed into a console.

Spectrum of the Dimensions's main character is a world bender, one of a group of dimensional travelers that seek to purify the universe from evil creatures called Negatives. Only world benders have the power to extract these creatures from their hidden dimensional lairs to destroy them, absorbing their powers at the same time. Negatives have typical Final Fantasy style attributes, such as Fire, Ice, and Lightning, which must be taken into account when entering combat. Players can weaken Negatives by using their skills and elemental spells, but the creatures can only be destroyed with a Crystal Weapon. Forging a variety of Crystal Weapons will be a large part of the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Spectrum of the Dimensions will be one of DSiWare's first premium titles with a price point of 1600 Nintendo Points. Look for more info in the coming months.

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