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Avalon Code Demo Available on Nintendo Channel


Avalon Code

The Wii's Nintendo Channel provides demos of games like Personal Trainer: Cooking that can teach RPGamers how to make a mean Macaroni and Cheese, but it usually does not feed the RPG need. Alternately, a demo for XSEED's upcoming Nintendo DS action-RPG Avalon Code is now available on the service and will give RPGamers an idea of what a game they may be more interested in is like. The demo will only be available until March 1, 2009.

The demo stars Yumil and his guardian named Rempo. Yumil has just touched the Book of Prophecy and changed his fate forever. Players will learn how to record the world's objects in the Book of Prophecy and change their properties. The demo also gives a small taste of Avalon Code's combat along with the judgement link combo system.

To access the demo, RPGamers must have a Wii and a Nintendo DS. Go to the Wii's Shop Channel and download the Nintendo Channel (it's free). Click on "Find Titles for You" and then choose "DS Download Service." Scroll down to the Avalon Code demo and follow the instructions.

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