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Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Website Opens


Final Fantasy XIII

Scrounging for information on Final Fantasy XIII is like a full-time job. One must almost be a secret agent to find any good details on the game, with gameplay trailers being shown behind closed doors and Square Enix being highly secretive in every move regarding it. Thankfully, Japanese magazine scans have filled some of the void, and Square Enix has finally put up the game's Japanese website, which should make finding that information a little bit easier.

The website is located at, and unfortunately doesn't feature much that is new quite yet. Viewers are able to click on links featuring screenshots of three of the game's characters -- Lightning, Snow, and Vanille -- while listening to an emotional music track. A greyed-out "Trailers" link may give the RPGamer community some hope for the public release of the privately shown Jump Festa 2009 trailer.

Square Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis portal, located at, also contains links to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the Final Fantasy Agito XIII websites, though neither currently feature any media. Final Fantasy XIII is expected to release in Japan in 2009.

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