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The Dark Spire Retro to Both Eyes and Ears


The Dark Spire

The ESRB-leaked and mid-December announced Nintendo DS RPG The Dark Spire will combine dungeon-crawling gameplay with a vintage first-person view. In a nod to its roots, The Dark Spire has a classic graphics mode which changes the modern, stylish graphics into simple wireframe animation.

However, the retro feel in The Dark Spire does not end with just the graphics. This Success-developed RPG also includes chiptune-esqe music to go along with its classic graphics mode. Samples of both the modern and classic music included are available on The Dark Spire's Japanese website here. Modern samples are on the left, classic on the right. Keep an eye on The Dark Spire's English website, which has a section for sound that is still "coming soon." The superb soundtrack for the game was composed by Kenichi Arakawa. The Dark Spire currently is scheduled to release in North America on March 10, 2009.

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The Dark Spire
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