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NIS America

NIS America announced recently that not only will the company be releasing sequels to two popular series this year, but also that it would be localizing the Hitmaker and Sony co-developed PlayStation Portable title, Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light. The two sequels that will see release in North America during April and Summer 2006, respectively, are Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny and Disgaea 2. To top all of these off, NIS America has announced the Random Name campaign for Disgaea 2 that will run through March 20, details below.

Blade Dancer follows Lance, a young knight with mystical powers from the land of Foo, and his companions as they try to put a stop to the evil dark knight, Dread Knight, who killed the warrior named Blade Dancer during the Great War. The game features a full 3D real time world, which includes a dynamic time system. The battle system is real time, and the game features over 650 synthesizable items, non-random enemy encounters, power sharing abilities between friendly and enemy units, and a 4-player multiplayer mode. This title is scheduled to launch in North America during July 2006.

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny is the sequel to Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, which released in North America last June. This title had been previously announced, but has now been given an official title, an ESRB rating, and even an official release month. The game has been rated "E 10+" for Everyone 10+ and is scheduled to ship in North America during April 2006.

Disgaea 2 is another game that has been known about and scheduled for North American release previously. Though NIS America has decided to go with a generalized release date now, the month of August does happen to be during the summer. This title is now officially scheduled to ship in North America during Summer 2006.

The Random Name campaign that was mentioned earlier is basically a way to have your name in Disgaea 2 as a random name for created characters. Players that wish to submit their unique name should continue reading, the rest may stay tuned to RPGamer as we shall continue to keep you posted as new details are announced:

    Stage 1

  • Please send your original and unique names to with "Disgaea 2 Random Name Campaign" as the subject.
  • Each person can enter up to 5 random names.
  • By submitting the name, you must agree to relinquish all copyrights of your entry names to NIS America, Inc.
  • We (NIS America) reserve the right to withdraw any entries from this campaign without any notice.

    Stage 2

  • NIS America, Inc. will list all the entry names on their site for your vote.
  • Once all names are posted on their site, please feel free to vote for the names you would like to see in the game.
  • Top 20 that earned the most votes will be used as random names in Disgaea 2.

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