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Stargate Worlds Gets a Promotion


Stargate Worlds

Cheyenne Mountain held a phone conference as the first press event promoting its upcoming MMORPG, Stargate Worlds. Stargate Worlds is based on the popular science fiction film and subsequent television series (Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis). During the phone conference, the development team for the game discussed it in more detail.

Cheyenne stated that Stargate Worlds, while still in pre-production, is a project with a wide scope and a large universe to cover, with backstory from a feature-length film and two different television series. Cheyenne hopes to get more input from fans of the series by launching community forums for the game, and announced that a community website will be launched on March 1.

Numerous locations in the Stargate universe are being considered for inclusion in Stargate Worlds. Interplanetary travel will be available through each Stargate, and instancing will be a part of the game. These instances would be very large areas to explore, and feature such areas as the lifeless surface of an airless moon, or near a black hole. Some locations will be placed entirely in enormous, intergalactic spacecraft, and plans are in place for players to own their own spaceships, also. The availability of other vehicle types are still under consideration, Cheyenne said.

Character types in discussion now include both humans and aliens (such as the Jaffa, or other races featured on the television shows), and alien civilizations -- both present ones and those long extinct -- will be a part of the game, as aliens are a part of the television series. The game will also host entirely new aliens and other enemies as well. Professions were also discussed, such as scientists, alien engineers, pilots, members of Stargate team squads, and more that are still in development. One class mentioned in particular called Diplomats would entail players visiting other NPCs in order to negotiate trade alliances and other such matters. Character customization is still in development, with no details at this time.

Non-combative skills mentioned including mining, construction of defensive arrays, and more besides. On the subject of crafting, players will be able to trade with other players, and the subject of smuggling was also mentioned. Player guilds will be available, and Cheyenne stated that it could see 500 players or more in a single guild. Cheyenne also mentioned that "community tools" for guilds are a high priority, as well as a system for guild leveling. They also stated that guilds from separate servers might battle one another to complete certain tasks.

Combat will be centered around the four-player squad best known in the television shows. Cheyenne Vice President of Product Development, Joseph Ybarra, said, "Combat will be quite brutal" in Stargate Worlds, and also mentioned the roles of stealth and cover will play a part in combat, as well as counter-measures and other tactics. Combat will be the traditional turn-based combat found in most MMORPGs, and Player versus Player combat will be included.

Also, Cheyenne stated that a good deal of cooperation has been going on between the development team at Cheyenne and the television show creators, sharing such items as art used directly in the television shows. There are tentative plans in place to link events in Stargate Worlds to events in both Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, and vice-versa. If plans work out as Cheyenne hopes, events in the television shows would even be referenced in the game through live updates.

Also mentioned were starting locations for players, and that Cheyenne Mountain -- the actual NORAD base where both television shows and the film were placed -- will not be the only starting place for players, but more details have not released thus far. Stargate Worlds will not be shown at this years E3 conference; instead, it will likely be shown at E3 2007. No publisher has been announced for Stargate Worlds at this time, nor has a release date been given.

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