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Stargate MMORPG in Development


Stargate Worlds

A new MMORPG is currently in development based on the Stargate series, which has been seen both on film and in print, and on several television shows as well. Stargate Worlds is based on the television shows Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and is currently in pre-production by a new company called Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, named after a real NORAD base where the fictional Stargate Command is supposedly located.

According to Cheyenne, Stargate Worlds will offer access to different time periods in human history, as well as different alien environments to explore. Players can assume the role of soldiers or scientists in different Stargate teams, and will engage in such activities as investigating worlds found in deep space, forging alliances with other teams, creating and maintaining trade, and defending the Earth from hostile enemies, such as the Goa’uld or the Ori. Players may choose to ally themselves with either the Stargate Corps, or with an organization called the System Lords as the “bad” to the Stargate Corps’ “good.” Character classes listed thus far include Combat Marine, Scientific, Research, Diplomatic, Medical, Archeological, Engineering, and Exploration. Players can make use of numerous skills, but no specifics have been stated yet.

Some details about combat have been discussed, such as a type of ranged combat that uses both modern and fictional weaponry, and the use of terrain for cover in battle. Players can form up in groups calls squads, and computer-controlled bots will be available for solo-minded players. Squad leaders can also manage group maneuvers and objectives via a custom control interface. Player versus Player combat will exist between the Stargate Corps and the System Lords throughout different worlds, and may even change the balance of power controlling such planets, as the local populations will shift their allegiances between both alliances. Gamers will also be encouraged to forge alliances on a temporary basis to withstand greater threats to both, such as the Ori.

Cheyenne has not yet specified as to which system or console Stargate Worlds will be playable on, nor has a release date been announced. Check back with RPGamer as more information comes to light.

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Stargate Worlds
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