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Final Fantasy XII Judges, Chocobos Steal the Spotlight


Final Fantasy XII

More propaganda from Final Fantasy XII, Square-Enix’s latest entry into the popular franchise, has been found in the pages of the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump. They shed new light on two different parts of the upcoming game: chocobo riding, and the enigmatic Judges.

Some gamers may recall that in earlier games from the series, riding a chocobo was often a one-way trip, as the giant birds would run off as soon as the rider dismounted. In Final Fantasy XII, however, instead of running away after disembarking, players will have a set time limit in which to ride a chocobo. The birds will remain even after a player gets off, but once the time limit has run out, the chocobo will either dump the player or run off.

Also, more information on the Judge Masters has been discovered. The first, Zargabas, is a military man with complete loyalty to both the Empire and the Emperor. The second, Belga, is the most forceful of all the Judges in both word and deed. He is loyal to Vayne, the leader of all the Judges, and adheres to the idea of ruling through sheer power. The last and only female Judge, Dreis, instead has sworn her loyalty to Vayne’s younger brother, Ratha.

Final Fantasy XII has been announced for a March 16 release date in Japan, and is scheduled for 2006 release on North American shores.

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