Free Month of PSO for Japan

In the video game world, being Japanese has many benefits. Adding to the list, Sega of Japan has decided to lengthen the duration of the free trial period attched to its GameCube title, Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1&2. Players now have a bit longer to take the plunge and earn their free 30 days of online adventuring.

For readers that don't know, Phantasy Star Online is an ORPG that, like almost all others of the genre, requires a monthly fee. Players must purchase a "Hunter's License" in order to enjoy PSO's online mode. To get players hooked on this addicting mode of play, Sega offered a free month of online access for the game for new subscribers. This deal, originally scheduled to expire at the end of March, will now be good until April 30th.

No mention was made of extending this offer to the North American GameCube owners.

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by Heath Hindman    

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