Bethesda to Publish Pirates of the Caribbean
Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks and Disney Interactive have announced the Pirates of the Caribbean video game for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC CD-ROM. Inspired by one of this summer's movie debut of the title, the game will be available on the Xbox and PC in June, and on the PlayStation 2 at a later date.

Pirates of the Caribbean offers players the unique opportunity to prove their mettle against the legendary buccaneers of the Caribbean. Gamers will enjoy advanced AI with detailed characters and vessels who explore the sea and several exotic locales. Wind and water conditions will affect how ships sail and fight. Day and night lighting and special water effects will make the game come alive.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a unique role-playing experience with an intriguing storyline and the ability to explore everything the world has to offer. Deciding to become a cold-hearted mercenary for hire, a peaceful and profitable merchant or a swashbuckling pirate will influence future interactions. Gaining wealth and experience gives players the opportunity to hire crewmembers, sail larger ships, and uncover treasure.

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by Joseph Witham    

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