JCE Introduces Priest

Korean game developer JC Entertainment is currently working on a massively multiplayer online RPG by the name of Priest. The game draws its title from the main character, a resurrected priest named Ivan Isaacs who is the only being that can fend off the archangel Temozarela and his minions, who are trying to destroy mankind.

Priest takes place in New Mexico during the Wild West era. Players choose to fight for either the Templars (with Ivan) or the Heretics (with Temozarela), and face off in a brutal war. Environments include locations such as ghost towns, abandoned mines, and deserts. As is standard in MMORPGs, players will form teams online and then go out killing members of the other side. But in Priest, this other army is made up of other players just like you who've simply made a different choice with their allegiance.

Game design and team leader Ji-hak described the game as, "A multiplayer, head-to-head combat game that introduces controversial themes in a Wild West setting. It is an action/horror MMORPG that creates a grim and gruesome ambiance while providing a healthy dose of gory, violent action." Ji-hak went on to tell interviewers that, "Priest introduces a unique player vs. player/NPC structure and item/pet fusion system to create an FPS-like role-playing game in an entirely new genre."

The game is currently planned for a North American release on July 1st. RPGamer will keep you up to date on this and JC Entertainment's other titles in the future.

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by Heath Hindman    
Sources: [IGN , JCE]

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