Square Launches Final Fantasy Origins Sweepstakes

Gamers awaiting the long-anticipated PlayStation release of Final Fantasy Origins will now have something else to look forward to, at least if they live in the continental United States. As of March 7, the company has launched an official sweepstakes, in which a number of impressive giveaways will create even more buzz around what is already sure to be one of the most hyped releases of the spring.

Square is giving away a grand prize of FFO, Final Fantasy Anthology, and Final Fantasy Chronicles, along with a copy of the Think Like Amano art catalog, and "Dawn", original work created by Amano for FFO. Additionally, five first place prize copies of FFO will be given away.

Those interested in becoming entrants have until Thursday the 20th to fill out the contest forms, which can be found at the official website. Final Fantasy Origins is slated for an April 8 release.

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by Andrew Long    

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